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Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

Primary Music Curriculum

An octave of features

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
A range of

Carefully structured warm-ups ensure the balance of singing, listening and performing is just right, as well as including an outdoor musical experience in every unit of the music curriculum.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
instrumental teaching

Wouldn’t it be better if learning an instrument (the recorder) wasn’t seen as some separate part of the music curriculum, but was naturally included in a wider musical context? 

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Clever recall

Why is learning so hard and forgetting so easy? The answer lies in applying evidence-based neuroscientific research properly. Sounds heavy going? Well, fear not! Here’s a music curriculum that’s effortlessly interleaving and interweaving
learning for you.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

There’s more to music than just facts! How musical concepts are applied in practical ways is explicitly taught at the beginning of each year group, leading to a deeper understanding of the discipline of music.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Expansive repertoire

Each unit comes with a specially selected high-quality repertoire piece, complete with engaging backstory to help pupils learn more about music originating from a wide range of composers and their cultures.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Full coverage

Hullabaloo! meets all statutory requirements for the National Curriculum and is also aligned to the Model Music Curriculum. There is fine-tuned progression with each unit perfectly pitched to build on prior learning.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Guru videos

Short ‘How to….’ video clips, that use the expertise of the music guru, are included. These help address potential misconceptions, with teachers and pupils learning together. 

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

With a short quiz-based assessment per unit and an end of year summary sheet, we get to the heart of music assessment. Teachers can easily keep track of learning without it becoming an arduous and time-consuming chore!  

Just imagine…

Classes full of pupils who are tuned in to music, creatively using their new-found knowledge to compose and perform – they just can’t wait to share their learning with parents at home time!

Just imagine…

A music lesson where a non-specialist teacher is confidently leading a class composition, actively participating in singing and, what’s more, eagerly anticipating what’s to follow in the next lesson!

Just imagine…

Being a music subject leader who has absolute clarity about who is teaching what when and why, with a detailed overview of your music curriculum at your fingertips.

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

Q. Does Hullabaloo! meet National Curriculum requirements?

A. Absolutely, yes! It even exceeds them.

The only part of the National Curriculum for music that we can’t claim is taught as part of Hullabaloo! is the bit about listening to a range of high-quality live music. You have to provide your own opportunities for this as we don’t employ a team of in-house travelling minstrels! 

Q. Does Hullabaloo! meet Model Music Curriculum requirements?

A. Yes, we have produced a white paper explaining how Hullabaloo! links to the MMC. You can read it here.

Q. Does Hullabaloo! cater for mixed-age classes?

A. It certainly does! We have carefully created a mixed-age cycle that ensures not only coverage but progression across both years’ teaching.

Q. How long is each lesson?

A. How long have you got? All lessons can be adapted to work with your timetable. As an average indicator, each lesson is designed to last between 45 minutes and an hour. However, should you only have half an hour a week for music lessons, you could skip the warm-up and focus specifically on core learning.

Every class is different, and each teacher should use their professional judgment when using Hullabaloo!

Q. Is training required in order to teach the lessons?

A. Using our Music Guru film clips, teachers can learn alongside the children. However, we believe the single most effective way to improve teaching and learning in music is to provide high quality music professional development for teachers. That’s why we will be offering accessible, enjoyable music CPD to primary settings in 2024. 

Q. Do I have to be able to play a musical instrument myself in order to teach Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum?

A. No. Not at all. You don’t have to sing like a nightingale either. You’ll be learning to play the recorder along with the children so that’s another string to add to your bow (boom, boom!)

Q. How does your subscription model work?

A. Subscriptions renew annually and you can view costs here. This is a school subscription and sharing logins with teachers from other schools is a very bad thing… very, very bad! We will find out, hunt you down and …. well, we’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Just don’t do it.

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