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The Importance of Schema in a Primary Music Curriculum

Posted by the Music Guru

You may have come across the term ‘schema’ in the general domain of curriculum design. In a primary music curriculum, as in other subjects, schemas play a crucial role in facilitating learning and understanding in a planned, progressive way.

Embedded Instrumental Lessons

Posted by the Music Guru

Here at Hullabaloo, we have made sure that the elements of music (all the ingredients that go together to create a piece of music) are introduced and embedded thoroughly in Key Stage One. We champion the importance of both propositional knowledge (knowing ‘what’) and procedural knowledge (knowing ‘how’) in Hullabaloo, but we take it a step further. We carefully include opportunities to action procedural knowledge, resulting in authentic skill building.




Well, in their own words when it was published, it is “the Government’s ambitious plan for all children to have access to an excellent music education… supporting all pupils in their musical progression from Year 1.” The late schools’ minister, Nick Gibbs’ brainchild, the 36-page MMC, was first published on 26th March 2021 as a non-statutory document. On the back of this, Ofsted confirmed that *“there will be no pre-requisite from inspectors that schools should adopt the Model Music Curriculum’. 

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