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Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum
Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

Primary Music Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence

Hullabaloo Primary Music Curriculum

Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum meets the Primary Music Curriculum in Scotland

In Scotland, the curriculum is guided by the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which outlines the educational framework for children and young people from ages 3 to 18. It is designed to provide pupils with a comprehensive understanding of music and its role in society, as well as opportunities for musical expression and skills development. Just like Hullabaloo!

The key features of the music curriculum in Scotland match perfectly with those in Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum. 

Broad Curriculum Framework

The CfE emphasises a broad and balanced curriculum that includes expressive arts, of which music is a significant component. Music is integrated with other subject areas, allowing pupils to make connections between music and other areas of learning. 

In Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum, opportunities for inter-disciplinary working are clearly highlighted in the cross-curricular links sections within each teaching unit. These include subjects such as science, history and geography, as appropriate. 

Experiences and Outcomes

The primary music curriculum defines a set of experiences and outcomes that pupils are expected to achieve as they progress through their education. These outcomes cover various aspects of music learning, including performing, creating, listening, and understanding music. and pupils are encouraged to explore different musical genres, styles, and traditions.

Cultural and stylistic diversity is at the heart of Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum.With an eclectic mix of genres, and exposure to a range of music to broaden their repertoire, pupils engage with all elements of music in a planned, step-by-step progressive way.

Skills Development

The CfE aims to develop pupils’ musical skills across a range of areas, including instrumental and vocal performance, composition, improvisation, and music technology.

Pupils are encouraged to practise skill building across a range of engaging, fun activities throughout the Hullabaloo! Music scheme of work. These skills comprehensively cover all the above facets of music-making, including an instrumental strand (recorder) in P3 and P4, which helps pupils contextualise and apply their prior knowledge.

An Inclusive Approach

The curriculum is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all pupils, regardless of their background or ability. It recognises the importance of diversity and cultural relevance in music education, promoting a range of musical experiences that reflect Scotland’s cultural heritage, as well as global perspectives.

Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum provides examples of music from a range of countries, including Scotland. Part of the P7 (Year 6) curriculum includes a podcast interview where Scottish author, Lindsay Littleson, reveals her favourite end of cèilidh song – “Loch Lomond” by Runrig! Schools will, of course, have their own repertoire of songs and music which are important in reflecting Scottish heritage and culture, and they should include these as they deem appropriate.

Assessment and Progression

The curriculum includes mechanisms for assessing pupils’ progress in music and providing feedback on their achievements. Assessment approaches may include performance assessments, portfolio-based assessments, and self-evaluation.

Assessment is central to Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum, with assessment opportunities built into each teaching unit, along with end of year assessment criteria.

Opportunities for Creativity and Expression

The music curriculum emphasises the importance of creativity and self-expression, encouraging pupils to develop their own musical ideas and interpretations. Pupils are given opportunities to collaborate with others, share their musical experiences, and reflect on their learning journey.

Whether it be working on creating and recording a jungle soundscape in P4 or improvising together in groups as part of a mini jazz band in P7, Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum is crammed full of opportunities for creativity. You will love this refreshing approach to teaching music and, before you know it, you’ll find yourself joining in with the joyous music-making that it induces.

The synergy between the primary music curriculum in Scotland and Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum is abundantly evident, as the aims of both are aligned:- 

  • to provide pupils with a rich and varied musical education
  • to foster a lifelong appreciation for music
  • to equip pupils with the skills they need to engage actively in musical activities, both inside and outside the classroom

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